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Player Info
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Character Info
Name: Kengo Utahoshi

Canon: Kamen Rider Fourze

Age: 17

Canon/AU/CR AU: Canon

Reference: Wikia Page | Wikipedia Page

Canon Point: Episode 32 | Returning Gentarou to the Rabbit Hatch

History: The world of Fourze is, for the most part, just like modern day Japan with only a few notable changes. One of the most obvious changes is that Japan has become a leader in space exploration. The Over Space Technology Organization (OSTO) kept a base on the moon known as the Rabbit Hatch, which was a center of research and development for a certain group of scientists. These men were Rokurou Utahoshi, Mitsuaki Gamou, and Kuniteru Emoto.

A crystal-like object known as the Core Switch was discovered by Rokurou and Gamou while exploring the surface of the moon. A race referred to as the Presenters sent many of these Core Switches into the far reaches of space. Only the races that discovered the switches and could harness the power inside of them would be considered potentially worthy of contacting them.

Rokurou devised a system to reverse engineer the Core Switch, creating the Fourze system as well as additional new switches known as Astro Switches. This was originally meant to create a safe gateway, allowing for someone to cross the universe to meet with the Presenters. However, Gamou saw the switch as an opportunity to advance humanity's evolution by force. The Zodiart and Horoscope switches, would be created by him and used to harness the powerful energy for his own gain. Eventually the third sceintist Emoto, would develop the Meteor system as the third branch of powers originating from the Core Switch.

Deciding that Rokurou had become a wall blocking his path to greatness, Gamou sabotaged the Rabbit Hatch and convinced Emoto to steal Rokurou's research before leaving their fellow scientist for dead. In the ensuing explosion, Rokurou resigned himself to a lonely death in space while holding the Core Switch, speaking his son's name just before his death. His son, who was only a baby at the time, was later rescued from the Rabbit Hatch by Emoto. The man had felt regret over killing his best friend and had decided to save the child, taking Kengo back to Earth with him.

Rokurou's son, however, was not his biological child. Kengo Utahoshi, the child who took on Rokurou's last name, was a being created from the Core Switch on the day before the destruction of the Rabbit Hatch. The creation of the Core Child was an additional tool put in place by the Presenters, meant to research the race that had discovered the switch before contact would be bridged between them. Once the Core Child had learned everything they needed to, they would return to the Presenters as a sample of the race they had studied, sharing their research with the Presenters.

Gamou went on to create and build Amanogawa High School, placing it under a large gathering of cosmic energy (energy the switches harnessed for power.) While the public message of the school was to support students in reaching for their dreams, Gamou was using it as a front to find anyone worthy of becoming a Zodiart. He wanted to force their evolutions to aid in his dream of meeting the Presenters, feeling that humans becoming a stronger galactic force would be the only way to achieve his goal.

There are no details given about Kengo's life until the first year he attends high school, at which point he received a Gate Switch left for him on his birthday by an unknown sender (who later turned out to be Emoto). Cornered and panicked by the sudden appearance of Yuki Jojima, the only person Kengo could consider a friend at the time, Kengo had thrown the box and switch into an unused locker in the storage room he had been hiding out in. The Gate Switch activated inside of the locker and turned it into a gate between Amanogawa High School and the only remaining building of the Rabbit Hatch. Remnants of the Fourze system had been left behind there as well as other remnants of his father's work.

From that point forward, Kengo took up the challenge of completing the development of the Fourze system and the additional switches that could be used with it. He assigned himself the duty of protecting Amanogawa from the threat of the Zodiarts. Unfortunately, Kengo's body rejected the Fourze system every time he tried to activate it. He then worked in an armored suit called the Power Dizer and used it to fight the Zodiarts, though it quickly exhausted him.

Gentarou Kisaragi, a childhood friend of Yuki's, then barged into Kengo's life unexpectedly. The newcomer student, who was making it his mission to befriend everyone at the school, insisted that he would become friends with Kengo "just to spite him" even if Kengo was known to be a cold-hearted jerk to everyone. They first met when Gentarou yelled at Kengo about his rude treatment of a girl who had confessed her affection to him. Kengo never seemed to be able to get rid of Gentarou after that point, with the other boy taking the liberty of stealing the Fourze system to use it to fight in Kengo's place. After Gentarou declared he would fight on his behalf, Kengo resigned himself to Gentarou's forceful personality and fell into working in the background to support Fourze.

Though the Fourze system was originally designed to work as a gate between worlds, Gentarou's use of the technology allowed it to take the form of a white battlesuit. The Fourze suit enhances the user's abilities and strengths, while also giving the wielder access to the powers of the Astro Switches. The title of 'Kamen Rider' only came after KRC member Tomoko Nozama's comment that Fourze resembled other warriors discussed in online urban legend communities.

Kengo never expected that Gentarou would also insist on constantly recruiting new friends to help out in the fight again the Zodiarts, and comandeer the Rabbit Hatch for his self-proclaimed "Kamen Rider Club." Kengo still doesn't like to admit that the club exists or that he's a part of it, but the club has become the entity that fights Gamou and the Zodiarts as a united force.

The time Kengo was taken from was an especially vulnerable time with many events happening at once. The mysterious Kamen Rider Meteor's identity had been revealed, fellow KRC member Ryusei Sakuta turned traitor, and Gentarou died as a result of an enemy's manipulation. Just before arriving on Omega, Kengo had retreated from battle with Gentarou's corpse in tow. His goal was to return to the Rabbit Hatch with the body of his best friend and search for a way to revive him.

World Information: The world of Kamen Rider Fourze is set in what is essentially modern day Japan with only few notable changes. Space travel is more advanced, at least in Japanese society, as Japan had put a handful of astronauts on the moon in the mid-1990s. OSTO, the Over Space Technology Organization, was responsible for the construction and maintenance of a base on the moon used as a center of science and research. It was here that three scientists -- Mitsuaki Gamou, Rokurou Utahoshi, and Kuniteru Emoto -- discovered a mysterious, crystal-like object known as the Core Switch.

This Core Switch had been sent into the far reaches of the universe by a race only referred to as the Presenters. The Core Switch discovered by the OSTO scientists is the only one recorded as being found. Though other Core Switches are mentioned later in the series as existing, no information has been gathered on them.

The Presenters had sent these Core Switches into the universe in an attempt to contact intelligent lifeforms. Their goal was to give other races a way of contacting them, if the ones who found the Core Switch could decipher the information inside of it and reverse engineer the appropriate technology. Despite being such a world changing object when it was discovered, it was never revealed to anyone outside of the three OSTO scientists. Humanity as a whole has no knowledge of its existence.

From the Core Switch, a variety of other switches were created utilizing the power of cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is the power of the universe, something that is infinite, and it works as the source of power for all switches. It only needs to be appropriately channeled to be used, which is the purpose of creating other switches from the Core Switch. All switches are also small enough to fit into the palm of someone's hand.

The switches created from the Core Switch, for the most part, fit in to three categories: Astro Switches (for use with the Fourze system, created by Rokurou Utahoshi and Kengo Utahoshi), Zodiart/Horoscope switches (created by Mitsuaki Gamou), and the Meteor switch (created by Kuniteru Emoto).

At some point, Rokurou Utahoshi's original goal of reverse engineering the Core Switch to be used as a gateway to meet the Presenters changed to where use of the Fourze system would allow the user to transform into a white battlesuit. It's never mentioned when, how, or why this shift took place. The Fourze system holds four switches at a time in a device placed on the user's waist. A belt then materializes to secure it, but the belt disappears when the Fourze system is removed from the user.

All of the Astro Switches were developed and designed by Rokurou Utahoshi and Kengo Utahoshi for use with the Fourze system. During the course of the series, the development and testing of all of the Astro Switches are seen, with the exception of the first eight. All forty of Fourze's switches look different and enable Fourze to access completely different powers he can use to fight or defend himself from enemies, ranging from turning invisible, to creating medicine from cosmic energy, to summoning a large orange rocket on his right arm that he can use to fly around the battlefield.

The four switch ports on the Fourze driver correspond to each limb. When a switch is activated, the suit's appearance of that limb changes to suit it. If a switch is not activated, the suit can perform as normal, and the switch can also be turned off to return that part of the suit to normal. Also, each switch has a different way of being switched on, as all of them have the same general appearance, but at least somewhat resemble the function they serve as far as the power they manifest. For example, Beat is activated by pressing down on the speaker-looking top of the switch, Gatling is activated by rolling the top of the switch to the side like spinning a gatling gun, and Medical is activated by pressing down on the top of the switch, which resembles the push-end of a hypodermic needle.

The set of switches aside from the Astro Switches are the Zodiart switches, developed by Mitsuaki Gamou. While all Zodiart switches look the same (and the amount that exist is never disclosed), when it is activated, it reacts to the person wielding it and takes on a form that relates to that person's personality and desires. These were developed with Gamou's desire to force humanity's evolution into its next stage. The wielders of these switches tend to be motivated by negative intentions, using their new power to attack others or pursue their desires.

A step above the Zodiart switches are the twelve Horoscope switches, which transform themselves directly from a Zodiart switch. This only occurs when the human wielding the Zodiart switch has shown exceptional compatibility, desire, and willpower. This evolution usually happens once a human has fought hard enough with the use of a Zodiart switch and managed to withstand defeat. In some cases, a person worthy of becoming a Horoscope is able to activate a Zodiart switch and have it immediately evolve into a Horoscope switch, but this sort of compatibility is rare.

In addition to the Astro Switches and the Zodiart/Horoscope switches, the Meteor switch and system exists as well. The Meteor system functions like a lesser version of Fourze's, utilizing only one switch in all of its abilities. It allows the user to transform into a black battlesuit. Later on, a powered up version of the Meteor switch is developed, but those are the only two switches exclusive to Meteor. The system is somewhat compatible with using Astro Switches, as it was able to harness the power of the Elek switch for a single attack, but this was only shown once and did not utilize the power as strongly as the Fourze system.

The only switches in existence are the Astro Switches (in the hands of Kengo Utahoshi and the KRC), the Zodiart/Horoscope switches (in the hands of Mitsuaki Gamou or the people who currently wield them), and the Meteor switch (in the hands of Ryusei Sakuta). The Core Switch is held inside Kengo's body, as he is its manifestation.

Kengo attends Amanogawa High School, which was built under one of two known spots in Japan that has an excessive gathering of cosmic energy. These spots are referred to simply as The Hole in addition to their location -- The Hole over Amanogawa High School and The Hole over Kyoto. The school was purposely build on that spot by Gamou, whose goal was to use the power of cosmic energy to fuel the Zodiart switches and the hopes of drawing people compatible with the use of cosmic energy to him to serve as pawns towards his goal -- that humanity needed to become a stronger force in the universe before meeting the Presenters.

The Kamen Rider Club that exists at Amanogawa High School was created by Gentarou Kisaragi, the user of the Fourze system. Kengo supports Gentarou as his tactician, while the rest of the club members work in their own ways to support defending the school from the Zodiart threat. The club's base is located on the moon in the remains of the OSTO research center, courtesy of a gateway composed of cosmic energy that exists between the research center and Amanogawa High School.

At the end of the series, it is revealed that Kengo Utahoshi is a Core Child -- the only Core Child we are ever made canonly aware of. He is a human manifestation of the Core Switch, created when the switch was activated to sample from humanity and return to the Presenters with his findings, so the Presenters could accurately judge if they would want to establish a line of communication. Kengo generally acknowledges other Core Children may exist, but never talks about any of them. It's likely he doesn't know where the others are or that he has any way of contacting them, because he only ever speaks about his role in directly reporting to the Presenters once he would return to them.

Other than being the ones who sent out the Core Switches, the Presenters are also never elaborated on, seen, or further discussed past Rokurou's discovery of the Core Switch, Gamou's dedication to open the path to meet the Presenters, or Kengo's mission of returning to them.

Personality: For someone constantly surrounded by other people, high school life, and the Kamen Rider Club, Kengo is very slow to trust others or form connections with them. Whenever someone calls him by his first name (Gentarou being the primary culprit), Kengo is quick to correct them. When referencing anyone else, including juniors, Kengo always uses their last names. The only person he refers to by their first name is Yuki, though it's unclear exactly how long they've known each other. Calling everyone (except Yuki) by their last names is one of the many ways he keeps people at arm's length. For the first few episodes, Gentarou regularly comments on how cold-hearted Kengo is with his complete disregard for anyone. It takes until episode 12 before Kengo accepts the club and Gentarou's friendship (grudgingly) and until episode 21 before he admits how much he cares about Gentarou. This is a considerable gap from the rest of the characters, who accepted Gentarou and his friendship within an average of two episodes. Even with how close they are, Kengo still denies the importance of his friends when questioned.

Kengo is never afraid to speak his mind. He stands by his own values and is used to doing things his way, which is part of the reason why he tends to hate working with other people. For the most part, he's fairly self-centered unless he feels he has a strong attachment to someone and only Gentarou and Yuki seem to fall into the category of people he would do anything for. With people he doesn't know well, Kengo is well known for his snarky attitude and sharp commentary. This is to the point that it tends to infuriate the enemies he encounters, as he keeps a casual upper hand.

When it comes to stressful situations, however, Kengo cracks under the right amount of pressure. When the gate between Amanogawa and the Rabbit Hatch was interrupted, leaving him alone on the base without a way home, Kengo panicked and yelled at the KRC members about how all of their talk of being his friends was a lie, since none of them could help him. He ripped the KRC flag from the wall and threw it down, raging for a bit before breaking down and crying that he didn't want to die alone on the moon. At Gentarou's death, Kengo lost all semblance of self-control and began crying and threatening the offender while attempting to attack him. The fear of being left alone seems to influence these things as well, since both times that Kengo shows extreme emotion in the series is relating to points where he was forced to stand on his own.

During the N/S Magnet arc (episodes 20-21), Kengo's possessiveness, jealousy issues, and insecurity came to light. The KRC had begun to rely on member Ryusei Sakuta, who had become a sort of apprentice to Kengo, to be the primary worker on developing the switches and being Gentarou's tactician in combat. Feeling as though he was being replaced, Kengo shoved everyone away, yelled at Gentarou, and severed his ties with the club completely. This was also due to the fact that Gentarou was beginning to ignore his advice, getting himself injured in combat.

It was only after convincing from Ryusei that the two boys were like magnets -- opposing each other one way, but joining perfectly in another way -- that Kengo finally seemed to relent. Kengo confessed to Gentarou that they were simply worried about each other: Gentarou was worried about Kengo's health and had tried to lighten the stress on him by asking Ryusei to take on more work, and Kengo was worried about Gentarou's safety because of the other boy being so reckless in combat. Rather than talk about the problems he has with someone, Kengo is more likely to turn his back and ignore the issue unless it directly affects him and he's forced to deal with it.

The research of Rokurou Utahoshi is a large source of motivation for Kengo. At one point, he mentions to Emoto how he feels connected to the father he never knew by working on the same system and completing his research. Because of this, it's obvious that Kengo would be extremely possessive of the Fourze system, the Rabbit Hatch, and everything relating to his father's memory. When Gentarou steals the Fourze system from Kengo in the first episode to fight against the Zodiarts, Kengo is understandably furious. However, when Gentarou convinces Kengo that he's doing it to fight in Kengo's place and that they have the same mission in mind, Kengo resigns himself to support. Supporting Gentarou seems to give Kengo a stronger purpose in life, knowing that he can make a difference while trusting someone to handle the work he can't do himself. With the Fourze system, Kengo also provides the exposition of explaining exactly how each switch works and what its particular powers are once it's created, taking pleasure in its effectiveness against enemies and proudly showing off the switch's success.

Up until Gentarou's arrival and Kengo being unable to use the Fourze system, Kengo still insisted on using the Power Dizer to fight. While the machine took a large toll on his body, Kengo worked with little regard for his body as long as he could fight, forcing himself past his physical limits. His attitude is extremely stubborn when he's fighting for something he wants or believes in, usually until someone steps in and forcefully stops him. Just after the canon point Kengo is taken from, when attempting to revive Gentarou, Kengo continues trying to resurrect the other through any means possible, even when he was told to stop trying because it was no use putting any more effort into it.

As far as school life goes, Kengo is the top student in his class and one of the top students in the entire school (if not the top). At multiple points in the series, Kengo is shown to excel at his studies with very little effort and is even offered the opportunity to study at NASA in America, though he would have to compete with Yuki for it. Being the top student, Kengo has both admirers and people who are jealous of him, leading to love letters sent his way from a girl and one male student becoming a Zodiart just to overthrow him. Kengo's high intelligence also leads to some characters being easily confused when he tries to explain what he feels is a simple concept. Gentarou visibly spaces out when Kengo tries to explain the function of various switches or how the Fourze system works, Gentarou complaining that Kengo speaks using too many English loan words.

One of the running jokes of Amanogawa High School and the KRC is that Kengo is King of the Infirmary -- a title he's even used to refer to himself. His constant headaches and weak constitution lead to him spending "more time in the infirmary than the school nurse." However, Kengo also uses this as a cover for whenever he wants to covertly do anything relating to Fourze's work or fighting the Zodiarts. He's not particularly good at hiding his condition when it happens to show up around people, the crippling head pain tending to send him to his knees. At the very least, with his self-proclaimed title, he isn't too bothered by it except when it interferes with his goals. Kengo pays special attention to situations he can manipulate to get himself out of trouble while still keeping his grades and his public appearance up.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitations:
Core Child: As a Core Child, Kengo has quite a few advantages over a normal human, though most of these abilities are dormant. Though he physically resembles a human, Kengo is able to survive in environments where the air would be considered deadly to another race, as he does not have to breathe. (At the end of the series, he's able to walk on the surface of the moon in normal clothing, unfazed.) Kengo is also able to resist powers and attacks that would have a significant impact on a normal human, such as Aries' ability to shut down a body's processing power -- something that would not affect someone like Kengo, who doesn't require human processes to survive. It's likely there are other human processes he doesn't require to survive, but he has yet to discover them.

For abilities that are not yet awakened, Kengo can produce a wall of energy to protect himself and others from attack (much like an Asari Justicar's "bubble"). When Gamou attempted to open his own gate to the Presenters, Kengo was able to shut it down by using his powers to disable Gamou's own. However, Kengo only has access to these powers (and potentially more, which are never shown) once he has fully awakened to his purpose as a Core Child. Due to being unaware of his powers, a trigger event would have to take place for any of them to be used. For now, his passive abilities are enabled, but he isn't consciously aware of them.

Tactician: Having picked up the Fourze system partway through its creation and developing it through completion, as well as creating and calibrating most of the Fourze switches, Kengo has a thorough knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of different powers in battle. This, however, could easily extend to any abilities or powers in use by anyone, as long as Kengo is familiar with and has an understanding of how the powers work. Quick thinking allows for Kengo to call out orders in the middle of battle, keeping a calm mind and rarely losing his cool. For someone who is working in unfamiliar territory or with new abilities, he's a priceless asset. It also helps that Kengo studies and remembers details about enemies, keeping mental notes about weaknesses and how to most effectively take the enemy down. Even though he can't physically fight, Kengo lives up to his potential in other ways.

Science/Engineering Knowledge: With developing the Fourze system, Kengo has a thorough knowledge of how to utilize cosmic energy. He's also familiar with the intricacies of space, stars, and astronomy in general. If there's anything to be known about the way the Sol system works and the things contained within it (at least around the year 2011 in his world's version), Kengo is a reliable source. Also, he has experience working with space suits as well as working inside of them and safety procedures relating to being in space. He has left the Rabbit Hatch numerous times in a space suit to walk on the surface of the moon and has been responsible for other KRC members who have gone out on to the surface.

The development of the Fourze system also means that Kengo is a bit of a prodigy when it comes to technology. Though he's primarily familiar in working with things relating to cosmic energy, Kengo finalized the Fourze system itself and designed and built most of the switches in use by the Fourze system, as well as the Astro Switch Kaban (Kengo's personal portable computer system plus Astro Switch holder) and the Foodroids (a variety of small robots powered by astro switches). It's unknown whether he designed or developed the Power Dizer (a robotic suit capable of both fighting and functioning as tranportation) and the Machine Massigler (Fourze's motorbike), but he's intimately familiar with the workings of all of the above systems and can easily repair and update any of them.

With enough time, resources, and understanding, Kengo would be able to lend his help to developing the design, production, and upkeep of other technological items or systems.

Fighting/Self Defense: While Kengo isn't shown being capable of much in the way of fighting before the canon point he is taken from, the movie Kamen Rider Fourze: Everyone, It's Space Time! (set soon after his canon point) shows Kengo is able to pick up on an unidentified martial arts style soon after he's exposed to it. He copies spinning kicks and spars with his instructor, even surprising himself at how he's able to perform without his body rejecting his actions. It's possible that Kengo's status as a Core Child allowed him to pick up on new skills faster than the rest of the KRC.

In addition, Kengo is shown in the movie to be able wielding an energy gun with one hand while holding the Astro Switch Kaban in the other, reacting quickly to incoming enemies and blocking their attacks, as well as kicking them away from himself while shooting them. His current self has not received the training for any of this as of yet, but the movie implies he will pick up on new abilities once the opportunity to learn is presented to him. In the world of Omega, learning to fight and defend himself is a situation Kengo will likely encounter. For now, Kengo's weaknesses as a Core Child (see below) keep him in check from moving too fast with his fighting skills and he will continue to suffer consequences when overexerting himself.

Top Student: Kengo is one of the top students at Amanogawa High School, maintaining his high standing even with his health issues and constantly missing class. He regularly tops the list when it comes to standardized tests. A lack of commitments outside of school and the KRC helps to add to his study habits, but Kengo seems to naturally have a great understanding and comprehension of things around him. (It's possible this intelligence is tied to being a Core Child, but it's never stated.)

Self Sufficient: Having grown up without a mother or a father, Kengo has lived alone and taken care of himself his entire life. It's never mentioned where Kengo might have been raised as a child, but at seventeen years old, he has his own apartment. This means that he's at least decently responsible, being able to provide for himself and keep house in addition to KRC activities and attending high school. Any situation where he's forced to work or survive on his own won't be difficult for Kengo.

Core Child: In his current state, being a Core Child is more of a weakness than a strength for Kengo. Because his powers have not awakened, his body continuously rejects the use of the Fourze system until he is able to withstand the strain it places on his body. While he has the advantage of being able to survive in situations that normal humans cannot, he's currently unaware of those abilities and will react as any normal human would when placed into a situation where he thinks he won't be able to survive.

Physical Endurance: Kengo is far weaker than a normal human in his current state (being a sleeping Core Child). The other male members of the KRC regularly show him up when it comes to stamina. Whenever his body is strained or he's overwhelmed in any way, Kengo tends to collapse from crippling head pains, though it goes away as soon as he has time to rest. The title 'King of the Infirmary' comes into play with this, as using the Power Dizer to fight the Zodiarts would always end with his body being put under immense strain.

Emotional Inexperience: In addition to Kengo's loner attitude and snarky personality, it seems sometimes as though he doesn't completely understand how human relationships are supposed to work, which may be an extension of being a Core Child. On multiple occasions through the series, it is shown that he begins to adapt to and even copy the actions of people he's exposed to, even though he has a personality when he's left alone. When embraced by Gentarou, he stood completely still and barely reacted, though he copied the action to hug Yuki in an attempt to comfort her moments later. With the N/S Magnet arc and his jealousy issues, Kengo is rarely unable to deal with powerful emotions in any reasonable capacity, lashing out at others without thinking and breaking down under high levels of stress.

Being slow to forge bonds or even trust anyone else, especially concerning the situation he came from just before arriving at Omega, Kengo is at a severe disadvantage. The emotional toll of the events before his arrival will continue to affect him for quite some time, making it more difficult to adapt properly.

★ Amanogawa High School uniform

Astro Switch Kaban: The Astro Switch Kaban allows Kengo to remotely drive the Machine Massigler, as well as the Power Dizer. (The Power Dizer requires a human to pilot it as a battle armor.) The Kaban can call directly to the Radar [4] switch on Fourze's belt, which has to be activated by Fourze to open a line of contact between them. The N/S Magphone is another item that can be called directly from the Kaban, though none of the above items will be coming with him.

In addition, the Kaban can be used to scan an enemy to find its weak points and process data from any of the Foodroids (along with live streaming video).

★ The Astro Switch Kaban will contain twelve Astro Switches when it arrives with Kengo.
(note: These switches are unable to be used without the Fourze driver.)

Circle Module: Switches corresponding to Fourze's right arm or form changes.
○ Magic Hand [5] This large manipulator arm allows Fourze to reach an extra ten meters, as well as picking up items (or enemies, or allies).
○ Chain Array [13] A spiked flail that can also stretch its chain to extend, but it allows for little control and can easily be reflected back at Fourze.
○ Cosmic [40] Kengo's latest development, allowing Fourze to change into Cosmic States. Unfortunately, this switch is currently incompatible with Fourze's system.

Square Module: Switches corresponding to Fourze's left arm.
□ Spike [15] At the expense of an extremely heavy weight, the sharp spikes added to Fourze's leg can be extended up to two feet. It is a close combat ability.
□ Shield [18] A small shield is added to Fourze's left arm. Though it's strong, it's not completely indestructible.
□ Medical [24] A small box is added to Fourze's arm, allowing him access to a variety of medicines composed of cosmic energy. They are useful against the negative abilities of the Zodiarts, such as poison. Also, Fourze has been shown (once) to "inject" himself with one of the devices inside the box to recover his health after being injured by an enemy.

Kengo devised makeshift system that allowed him to use the medical switch without accessing the full Fourze transformation (though it strained him considerably) when Gentarou was poisoned and unable to use the belt. This makes it the only switch Kengo can potentially use, though it still requires the Fourze belt and system he created for it to work.

Cross Module: Switches corresponding to Fourze's right leg.
X Chainsaw [8] Fourze gains a powerful saw on his right leg that can rotate at 15,000 rounds a minute. It can cut through strong armor and other items.
X Beat [12] This switch works much like a subwoofer. It produces sonic waves in a range of 20Hz-5kHz and produces a tweeter within the range of 5kHz-24kHz.
X Smoke [14] Fourze is capable of emitting smoke up to a five mile radius for five minutes, obscuring the enemy's vision and also making it difficult for them to breathe. It can also be used to shoot smoke directly at an enemy, as well as making lasers or energy fields visible that are unseen by the human eye.

Triangle Module: Switches corresponding to Fourze's left leg.
∆ Gatling [19] A gatling gun is added to Fourze's left leg, allowing him to shoot up to 10 rounds per second. The bullets are powerful enough to pierce concrete.
∆ Board [34] This switch functions like a self-propelled snowboard, allowing Fourze to slide across any surface with no resistance.
∆ Stamp [39] A hydrolic system is in effect with this system, adding extra force to Fourze's kick. When the kick is used, a stamp is placed on the enemy with the KRC's logo and then creates a timed, focused blast. When Fourze used it against Aries, it was activated at fifteen seconds.

Appearance: Appearance

Log Sample:
None of this was supposed to happen.

Sakuta wasn't supposed to be Meteor. Sakuta wasn't supposed to betray them. Gentarou wasn't supposed to die. The idea of someone dying... Kengo had never lost anyone important to him other than his father, who had faded into history long before Kengo could ever remember him. All he had to remember the older man by was his research and a system that Kengo couldn't use. Gentarou had been the one to use it, to help him, to save him. The words Gentarou had spoken to him early on were supportive and caring, even with how Kengo had treated the other boy. He'd been ruthless and selfish towards Gentarou, along with stubborn and a whole host of other negative emotions.

The chance of you and I becoming friends is zero.

On the first day they'd met, they'd shot bitter words back and forth at each other, but things had changed considerably in the last few months. Now on the other side of the emotional path Gentarou had started him on, Kengo felt like he had stepped off the edge of the Earth. The bodies of the rest of the club members had been left behind, alive but unconscious. Sakuta had remained behind as well, the mere thought of the boy's name making Kengo's stomach twist. He'd thought the two of them had become friends, but now... to hear Sakuta's confession that he'd faked being friends with the club purely to reach his goal and that he'd been willing to kill Gentarou to achieve it...

Kengo tilted his head down, his arms wrapping tighter around the body of his friend. With how physically weak he was, Kengo wasn't sure how he'd even managed to lift himself and Gentarou on to the Power Dizer to return to the Rabbit Hatch. Everything that had happened since Ryusei's confession had been a blur. All Kengo could think about now was the his own internal struggle. His hope conflicted with what he already knew -- Kisaragi Gentarou was dead.

"You can't do this... You can't do this to us... What happened to protecting everyone?"

The more he tried to speak to the boy who wouldn't answer him, the more Kengo felt himself crying again, his chest tightening as he hugged Gentarou's body closer. If friendship was what kept his friend going, then maybe some miracle would happen if he finally showed a sign of how much the other meant to him.

"You said you were going to help me. Idiot... You know I can't do this without you."

Kengo dug his fingers in against the fabric of Gentarou's jacket, feeling his own body starting to shake again. He put his head down against Gentarou's, noting that it was the closest he'd ever been to someone else. Despite that, he knew human bodies were not meant to be so cold. Completely ignoring how much further they had to travel to reach Amanogawa -- and by extension, the Rabbit Hatch -- Kengo knew time didn't matter anymore.

Without Kisaragi Gentarou, there was no way they could win.

Network Sample:
[the video loads to show a younger male, dressed in something that seems far too casual to be a business suit, though a tie and blazer are visible. a patch on the left breast of the bright blue blazer hints that it's most likely a school uniform. the boy's face shows he's less than happy about addressing anyone in particular the moment]

If anyone's listening to this, I'm looking for information.

[he takes a deep breath, turning his gaze away from the video to stare at something in the distance for a few moments, hoping that he can force himself to speak the words he knows he has to say to get what he wants.]

Someone was with me right before I arrived. He's hurt pretty badly--

[dead. when his mind corrects his speech, the boy abruptly stops, then presses his lips together. he certainly doesn't seem to be hurt -- just confused. does it even matter? it's hard to tell who's listening or where he is, or what's going on. maybe it's some sort of set up. ... somehow. maybe. ... maybe he could wait a little bit longer before asking for help. seeming to err on the side of caution, the video drops slightly, focusing more on the boy's chest as he moves to shut it off, muttering something to himself just before the video cuts. This place seemed too dangerous to risk showing he had any sort of vulnerability.]
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