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One of the most important items Kengo has brought to Omega with him is the Astro Switch Kaban. It's a small black case that not only carries Astro Switches, which are the base of Kamen Rider Fourze's power, but it works as a mini portable computer.

The general functions of it are as follows:
★ Establishing contact between the Kaban, Radar [4] switch (when activated on Fourze's belt), the Rabbit Hatch moon base, or the N/S magphone (carried by Gentarou Kisaragi).
★ Scanning enemies to find weak points, determine their composition, and study functions of their body, such as energy release points.
★ Scanning allies (usually the activated Fourze system) to determine when powers may be malfunctioning and tracking the use/function of various powers.
★ Surveillance, though this must be hooked up to another item which sends its signal back to the Kaban
★ Scanning the output of certain items/technology, though this is usually limited to Astro Switches.

While Kengo rarely has a reason to use the Kaban other than when he's in the middle of battle, there is a chance that in the heat of an impending battle, Kengo will (out of habit) take the Kaban out and start studying everything on the battlefield. He is a tactician after all.

Please take the time to post responses to the questions below, just in case. Thank you very much.

Again, Kengo will primarily use this information if he happens to be with the respective character at the time and he feels the situation calls for it. Otherwise, that's what the final section in the above area is for. If anyone wants to work with him, just let me know. Hopefully, there won't be too many dangerous situations where this needs to happen, but I'd like to be prepared!
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